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Bianca allaine

Bianca Allaine began her career as a model in her native Dallas, Texas. Growing up fascinated by the technicality, creativity, and artistic aspects of filmmaking, she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career in movies.


She was quickly signed with a talent agency, beginning as an audience seat filler for nationally broadcast television shows (Last Call with Carson Daly, Nick Cannon’s Wild 'n Out, Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna). She went on to work as a background actress in numerous music videos, commercials, television shows, and movies.


Bianca often credits the opportunity to work as a background actress on several major studio projects- including ABC’s According to Jim, NBC’s Las Vegas, CBS’ Still Standing and Swingtown, ID Channel's Nightmare Next Door and Evil Kin- as giving her the invaluable on-set experience that provided the knowledge and appreciation of the intricacies and teamwork involved in making television shows and movies.


Next, she began landing roles in student films and independent movies- most notably her first lead role in the cult horror picture, Albino Farm, alongside stars Chris Jericho, Richard Christy, and Duane Whitaker. She continued to work on several independent horror and comedy films in the years to come.


In 2010, Bianca met future husband Michael Kyne when she was invited on as a guest to his popular radio show, Macabre Café. Married in 2011, Michael and Bianca began collaborating on numerous projects together merging their unique creative styles and love of ‘80s heavy metal music and culture, horror, and absurd comedy.


With Michael, Bianca began working behind the camera more as a writer, costumer, producer and set designer on their collaborative projects Watch These Films with Bianca Allaine, Video Vamp short films, and the highly acclaimed, award-winning film, Web of Deceit.


Together, they formed ZOMBINATRIX productions for their joint first feature-length heavy metal horror film, Zombinatrix, in which Bianca portrays the title character- a wickedly tantalizing dominatrix who is resurrected from death to seek vengeance on her enemies.


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Bianca Allaine
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